We were featured in WIRED by Steven Levy

Archetype AI Team
  • 1 min
  • April 8, 2024

The renowned tech journalist Steven Levy featured Archetype AI in an exclusive article on WIRED. In his piece, Levy explores how our advanced AI models serve as a crucial translation layer between humans and complex sensors, enabling seamless interactions with houses, cars, factories, and more.

At the heart of our innovation lies Newton, our foundational model. Newton processes data from various sensors, translating raw inputs into actionable insights in real time. By providing a real-time mirror of the physical world, Newton allows users to understand and solve problems in unprecedented ways. From monitoring the health of a factory's production line to tracking the recovery progress after knee surgery, our AI technology redefines how we perceive and interact with our physical environment.

We invite you to read Steven Levy's full article on WIRED, where he shares his firsthand experience visiting Archetype AI’s office, chatting with our founders, and diving deeper into how AI is shaping the future of human-sensor interactions