Our mission

We are a physical AI company helping humanity make sense of the world. We solve real world problems using the power of AI to reveal the world’s hidden patterns and behaviors that escape our perception.

AI today has been reduced to a chatbot. The biggest problems in the world are physical, not digital.

Physical AI

Newton, a first-of-its-kind AI model that understands the physical world. Our proprietary foundation model can perceive and reason about the physical world in real time by fusing multimodal sensor data and natural language. We call this a Large Behavior Model or LBM.

The Physical World

The physical world is driven by hidden patterns of behavior that are too complex and fast-moving for humans to perceive.


Beyond just analyzing text and images, Newton uses time-series data from sensors like radars, cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

Foundation Model

Newton encodes sensor signals into a universal embedding space, a single compressed mathematical representation of the physical world, updated in real time.

Generative Output

Newton’s universal embedding space makes it possible to compute the meaning of sensor data and decode it in any form that helps humans understand it, such as text, visualizations, or code.


Anyone can use Newton to get a stream of insights and predictions about the world around them. Interact with the model using natural language, speech, or gestures.

Left Angle
Right Angle

Make Newton Yours. With Newton’s ready-to-use model and horizontal AI platform, any physical business can become a business with AI at its core. We invite enterprises and developers to join our Design Partner program and start using Newton to solve their real world problems.

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Physical AI for everyone. Newton will have the following core technical capabilities we are developing to give everyone the power of physical AI to solve real world problems.

An API for the Physical World
Use Newton’s API to make sense of the world around you through your sensor data. Integrate Newton into your applications to accelerate or automate tasks with the ability to summarize, search, predict, and intelligently monitor sensor data. 
Plug In Any Sensor
Use Newton with any combination of cameras, microphones, radars, or time series sensors like thermometers and accelerometers. Stream real time or pre-recorded data. 
Own Your Own Data
Run Newton with your proprietary data on our infrastructure or yours. Your data stays private to you and will not be shared with other developers through the model. 
Private Fine Tuning
Customize Newton with proprietary data to solve your specialized use cases. Fine-tune it over time to create a one-of-a-kind physical AI foundation model for your business. 
Create Edge Models
Deploy Newton at the edge in your device, vehicle, or machinery. Generate mini models from our large model to enable a specific set of tasks within your compute and power constraints.


Building for the trillion dollar sensor economy. Businesses and developers can use Newton to solve any use case, combine insights across sensors to solve new problems, and evolve with the world around it.

Safety and Security

Make Construction Sites Safer

Improve safety on construction sites by continuously monitoring spaces and issuing instant alerts for potential hazards.

Spatial Computing

Make Your Smart Home Smarter

Customize your home to react to your presence, focus, and preferences by seamlessly automating tasks. Communicate with your devices effortlessly using natural language and gestures

Spatial Computing

Adapt Vehicles to People

Make vehicles smarter with spatial interactions that recognize you, sense your presence, and respond to your gestures to improve safety and convenience.

Diagnostics and Preventive Maintenance

Slash Factory Down Time

Boost the reliability of automation and robotic systems in factories and warehouses. Detect anomalies in real-time to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

Monitor Energy Infrastructure

Continuously monitor data from renewable energy equipment. Predict maintenance needs to prevent downtime and optimize energy production.

Data Summarization

Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Generate comprehensive reports on your well-being from wearable sensors, smartphones, and home devices. Provide periodic summaries for informed healthcare decisions.