Infineon and Archetype AI Are Unlocking the Future of AI-Powered Sensors

Archetype AI Team
  • 7 min read
  • October 24, 2023

Picture this: as you walk into a room, your smart TV automatically wakes up, ready to provide you with the latest news, weather updates, or your favorite streaming content without any interruption. With a simple gesture, you can control your devices, making the interaction between you and your home more intuitive and effortless. You live in a home that understands your needs, anticipates your actions, and seamlessly integrates technology into your daily life. Welcome to the world of smart homes, where devices like TVs, smart speakers, and smart home appliances are not just mere objects but intelligent companions, aware of both you and the world around them.

This is the vision of the smart home that the multi-year strategic partnership between Archetype AI and Infineon will make possible. As our first industrial partner, Infineon is addressing real-world problems by enhancing its portfolio of powerful sensors with artificial intelligence, using Archetype AI's technology. Together, we will revolutionize the way you interact with the physical world.

Infineon’s powerful XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor

Infineon, a Global Semiconductor Leader

Infineon Technologies leads the world in sensor technology. Its product portfolio includes a wide range of sensors, including radars, microphones, CO2, and Time-of-Flight sensors, essential for enabling advanced features in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Infineon’s XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor is already used in smart devices to detect the presence of individuals, powering devices on and off to save energy.

This makes Infineon an ideal partner for Archetype AI. Sensor fusion, which involves integrating and processing information from multiple sensor modalities, is central to the development of physical AI. Newton, our physical AI foundation model, will enable device makers to easily analyze and understand the vast amounts of data generated by Infineon's cutting-edge sensor technology—without the need to build a dedicated AI team. This will facilitate the development of intelligent systems capable of perceiving, understanding, and reasoning about the physical world in real time.

Infineon has a fantastic track record of successful partnerships with industry leaders, academia, and research institutions to drive technological advancements. By combining Infineon's expertise in energy-efficient semiconductor solutions with Archetype AI's groundbreaking physical AI technology, we aim to create a more sustainable and intelligent future for all.

Newton, the World’s First Physical AI Foundation Model

Physical AI represents the fusion of AI with the physical world, enabling the analysis and understanding of real world data. By analyzing unstructured sensor data, physical AI can uncover hidden patterns of behavior in systems and environments that are beyond human perception.

At Archetype AI, we are developing Newton, the first physical AI foundation model. It enables users to understand and respond to the dynamic behaviors of their environment in real time as they unfold. This is achieved through sensor fusion, which integrates information from text, images, cameras, radar, temperature sensors, and other data sources. Newton introduces new possibilities for people to interact with the world in fundamentally innovative ways.

Archetype AI is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in understanding and interacting with the physical world. Our aim is to empower individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to make better decisions, enhance efficiency, and create more intelligent and responsive environments.

Infineon and Archetype together

Infineon will be the first company to utilize the Newton AI developer platform, offering device makers a combined package of sensor hardware and sensor AI. Device makers will be able to use these sensor and AI tools to build out their own use cases, allowing them to build smart devices that are aware of people and the world around them, enabling new levels of interactivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Archetype AI presenting Newton at Infineon’s annual OktoberTech symposium.

Infineon and Archetype together

  • Devices that can anticipate user needs and provide relevant information at the right time without explicit interaction or input from the user.
  • Users can control smart devices—such as appliances, cars, or machinery—with simple gestures.
  • Devices can operate and make decisions autonomously, for example, by turning on and off based on the presence of people and the nature of their activities, thereby reducing energy consumption.

“We are excited to launch our strategic partnership with Archetype AI to shape innovation in Physical AI,” said Andreas Kopetz, Vice President and General Manager of Ambient Sensing at Infineon.

At Archetype AI, we are also excited to begin transforming smart devices into truly intelligent systems and to work alongside Infineon’s world-class team. This initial partnership will offer the world a glimpse into the future, where devices interact with people and the environment in a natural and intuitive manner. With Infineon’s world-leading sensor technology and Archetype AI’s pioneering physical AI foundation model, the potential to unveil the unseen and address real world problems is limitless.

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